Two attacks on students at Ankara University on the same day

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  • 18:39 11 January 2024
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ANKARA - A racist group attacked students for the second time at Ankara University.
A racist group from Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) attacked students once again at Ankara University (AU) Cebeci Campus. Students waiting in front of Ankara University Faculty of Communication (ILEF) to take the exams were attacked by a racist group in the morning. Approximately three hours after the first attack, the racist group gathered once again and came to the campus, this time attacking students sitting in the cafe in front of the Faculty of Communication.
Students built a barricade in self-defense against the racist attack against them.
The students who were attacked stated that the people from the racist group who attacked them were not even taken into custody and that the racist group was preparing to attack at the exit of the campus.