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    İZBAN workers: Strike is a kind of unemployement

    İzban workers have started a stoppage this morning for their demand of salary increase was denied. Demiryol-İş Union İzmir Branch President Hüseyin Ervüz said: "We will not accept the wages between 850 TL- 2 thousand 500TL which our members can barely live from hand to mouth."


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    Censorship to cinema has been pass into law

    The Law Amending the Law on Evaluation and Classification of Cinema Films prepared by the Government has been legalized through the parliament. According to the new regulation which has been criticized as 'the regulation of cencor' a committee of 8 will evaluate and classify the cinema films before presentation.

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    Tartuffe was staged in Ankara

    Amed City Theater have taken to the stage 'Tartuffe' written by French writer Moliere in Ankara. Thater players have saluted Leyla Güven who is currently in a hunger strike after the play.

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    '1984' is being brought to stage

    George Orwell's cult piece '1984' is being brought to stage by Rutkay Aziz and Taner Barlas.'1984', being one of the most important dystopian novels in the history of literature, is being brought to the stage with the name of “1984 (Great Detention).The play that will bring Orwell's dystopia and the hope that comes with it tu the stage. 1984 will reflect the great detention of the society.