12:10 actual
‘In the last 4 years, 2,500 refugees lost their lives on the Aegean coast'
12:10 actual
'Decisions on refugees involve hate crimes ’
10:44 actual
Encu: They embodied their anger about Roboski with the sentence I am given
16:59 actual
HDP Youth Assembly protests detentions and calls for action
16:23 actual
Demirtaş calls for İstanbul: I am sure there is no hesitation
15:56 actual
Temelli: We will go to the polls on June 23
15:53 editor's pick
Leyla Güven and brother and sister of Öcalan acquitted
15:35 actual
Lawsuit against Yeni Yasam Editor in Chief Akin
15:35 actual
Attorneys applied to visit İmralı
15:34 editor's pick
Öcalan: When the Kurds are finished in Mesopotamia, there will be nothing left in Anatolia about the Turks
13:06 actual
Torture to the prisoners who don't perform prayer in Elazığ Prison
11:40 actual
Survey firm predicts Istanbul: AKP voter turnout will fall
10:27 actual
Düzkan recently released from prison: We are in the worst period for freedom of the press
10:26 actual
Death fast activist Cengiz: We must discuss how to develop the struggle further
10:25 actual
HDP transports their voters to İstanbul
10:24 actual
Prohibition of demonstration and actions in Hakkari extended for another month
12:51 actual
TJA: Free Nasrin Sotoudeh!
12:50 actual
HDP: No one should doubt the attitude of the Kurdish voters
12:23 actual
Families’ appeal to visit Imralı rejected
12:22 actual
Hatimoğulları: Brotherhood is possible in the Middle East
17:04 actual
Families applied to visit İmralı
17:03 actual
Villagers and volunteers fight the fire in Ömeryan
17:03 actual
HDP former MP Ferhat Encü released from prison
17:02 actual
Öcalan’s message to death fast and hunger strike activists
13:21 actual
Prisoner Remziye Karadağ not getting proper treatement
13:21 actual
Prohibitions before Istanbul elections began
13:20 actual
Human Rights Association sent cards to women prisoners
15:45 actual
HDP Youth Assembly will make a criminal complaint
15:28 actual
Yüksekdağ will face the judges for the 12nd time tomorrow
15:18 actual
HDP Co-mayors met to discuss local government issues
13:18 actual
Conflict and fire in the Omarian region: No intervention allowed
12:00 actual
U.S. Coordinator for Counterterrorism to travel to Turkey
11:41 actual
Silopi Municipality has also canceled the transfer of immovable property: We will sue if they're not returned
11:41 actual
Yiğit who was on hunger strike for 142 days: We have to keep fighting to crack the doors wide open
11:04 actual
The police who tortured the children not investigated
18:20 actual
Mehmet Ayvalıtaş hearin: Prosecutor wants the defendants acquittal
14:41 actual
Attorneys are on the way to İmralı
14:40 actual
Allegations of torture in the police bus in Hasankeyf
12:42 actual
33 detained as police attacked HDP youth in Hasankeyf
12:41 actual
Police Intervention in front of the AYM to families who lost their relatives in
12:20 actual
Investigation against murdered Editor in Chief of Azadiya Welat and 26 employees
12:18 actual
Choice of the voters is clear: No votes for those who take down our signposts
11:28 actual
HDP mobilizes party administration for the İstanbul elections
11:23 actual
Argentina: Plaza de Mayo grandmothers identify 130th grandchild
11:23 actual
Letter to UK Foreign Secretary about Hasankeyf
11:22 actual
'Prisoners must be treated in the hospitals'
17:16 culture
Hasankeyf Festival held after 3 years of silence
16:59 actual
Ilisu Dam reservoir not being filled yet
13:54 actual
Temelli: A real reform can not be mentioned before TMK is repealed
13:23 actual
Sinn Féin MP Maskey: Öcalan must be released