16:16 actual
Soylu threats Europe with refugees: 400 thousand will arrive in a month
15:53 actual
Hakari Municipality Co-Mayor Karaman arrested
14:04 editor's pick
Syrian Human Rights Observatory: More than 300,000 people left their homes
14:02 editor's pick
'Turkey prevents medical intervention to the injured'
13:17 actual
Attorneys applied to visit İmralı
13:16 actual
Co-Mayors under custody referred to Prosecutor's Office
13:16 actual
Women of Urfa: No one attacked Turkey from Syria until now
13:04 actual
Labour leader Corby: Turkish invasion must end
13:03 actual
'We fought them with our cries of resistance'
11:54 actual
Judicial Reform Package on Pre-Trial Detention, Freedom of Expression Passes in Parliament
11:46 actual
13 people detained in Adana for posting about Syria operation
11:21 actual
Altan: ISIS is trying to enter places they couldn't before with the help of Turkey
10:58 actual
'Erdoğan would intervene even if the Kurds clam their right in space'
09:22 actual
Trump's letter to Erdoğan leaked to press
09:22 actual
Erdoğan to visit Soçi on October 22
09:21 actual
Sanctions against Erdogan and Turkish authorities adopted
09:20 world
Trump: The Dispute is between Turkey and Syria
09:18 world
Erdoğan Says He Won't Meet with Pence!
19:58 actual
Aldar Xelil: Turkey is using banned weapons
19:46 actual
ISIS camp in Eyn Îsa set on fire
17:19 actual
TAF bombed Arab village: Many civillians dead and injured
17:11 actual
Mortar fell on border village in Cizre: 3 injured
16:39 actual
Sufficient numbers have been reached for the TTB's General Assembly
15:32 actual
Border police station hit in Birecik
14:49 actual
Urfa Bar Association urges TBB to hold an extraordinary meeting with elections
13:18 actual
Lavrov: We will continue to mediate between Syria and Turkey
12:59 actual
KKP President Sinan Çiftyürek under custody
12:55 actual
'Turkey is committing war crimes'
11:46 actual
US Sanctions include the assets of Erdoğan and the ministers
11:39 actual
US Prosecutors Charge Halkbank with Six Offenses
11:39 actual
Letter to the people of Rojava by over 200 Irish feminists
11:38 actual
From Nusaybin to Cizre: We are being displaced and killed again
10:17 actual
Migration Platform: Migration in Nusaybin is temporary
09:29 actual
USA Vice President Pence to visit Turkey on thursday
09:29 actual
The Court of Appeal upheld the 159-year prison term for lawyers in the Contemporary Lawyers' Association case
09:28 actual
Bridge between Minbic and Cerablus pulled down with explosives
09:27 actual
Man, 74, brutally assaulted for speaking Kurdish in Çanakkale
19:01 actual
Kurdish Red Crescent urges international action against incursion
18:58 actual
HDP Youth Councils call for action
16:35 actual
Special envoy for Russia: We mediated between Damascus and Kurds
16:16 actual
UK suspends arms sales to Turkey
16:14 actual
Turkish Colonel coordinating the incursion wounded
16:13 actual
Heavy ambulances traffic in Urfa
15:03 actual
1 lieutenant 2 soldiers died in Minbic
14:51 actual
Injured journalist: We are not intimidated by the invasion forces
14:50 actual
Mortar Shell Attack Against Kızıltepe
14:40 actual
UN warns Turkey
13:41 world
Kurdistan Parliament convenes: Call for joint defense against attacks
13:40 actual
Dozens of parties and organisations call for no-fly zone
13:39 actual
Attorneys applied to visit İmralı