14:23 actual
Arrest warrant against artist Ferhat Tunc
14:11 actual
Leyla Güven calls for 'unity': Resistance every day!
13:10 actual
Sit in in Diyarbakır
13:02 actual
Members of Supreme Court of Appeals Boycott Legal Year Opening at Presidency
12:12 actual
HDP's Temelli: The government should revert its decision
12:10 editor's pick
Human Rights Watch: The AKP violated voters' rights
12:06 editor's pick
Head of departments discharged as municipal employees taken under custody
11:41 actual
The trustee annuled the city council!
16:38 actual
6 journalists following up on the protests about trustees taken under custody
16:37 actual
Buldan to Kılıçdaroğlu: Break your silence!
16:36 actual
Kars Co-Mayor Bilgen Summoned to Depose, House of Co-Mayor Alaca Raided
15:28 actual
Police violence against MP's and lawyers
13:59 actual
Police intervention to 'trustee' protest in Van
13:48 actual
6 detained in Antep
13:48 actual
Police intervention in Mardin, HDP people blocks traffic
13:21 actual
CoE: Seizure of HDP municipalities undermines local democracy
12:54 actual
Temelli calls on from Diyarbakır- Raise your voice, stop life!
12:41 actual
EU: Dismissals and arrests risk damaging local democracy
12:18 actual
Öcalan's lawyers applied to visit İmralı
12:18 actual
Police intervention in HDP people in Diyarbakır
12:17 actual
HDP People trying to get to Mardin are being prevented
11:45 actual
'Let's raise Gandhi's style of action against the trustees'
11:45 actual
Police raid to the Co-Mayor of Kars Municipality Alaca
17:55 actual
20 detained in Erzurum and Bitlis
17:07 actual
Joint Statement by 28 Bar Associations Against Removal of Mayors from Office
15:39 actual
'Trustee' tweets from Gül and Davutoğlu
15:03 actual
Turned into a police station again after 125 days
14:29 actual
At least 81 people taken under custody in Diyarbakır and Dersim
14:20 actual
Our editor Karahan taken under custody
13:23 actual
Police intervention in fron of municipality building
13:13 actual
Mızraklı and Beştaş: We don't accept this decision!
13:08 actual
Websites of Trustee Appointed Municipalities Closed: We are with you Very Soon
12:58 actual
CHP will determine its attitude
12:42 actual
Diyarbakır Bar calls on to all bar associations
12:19 actual
CHP reacts:A coup to the will of the people is unacceptable
10:56 actual
HDP CEC holds emergency meeting: This is a new and clear political coup
10:27 actual
Mızraklı doesn't sign the notification: I consider it dishonour
10:06 actual
Ahmet Türk: They don't recognize the will of the people and call it ‘democracy
10:05 actual
20 detained in Adana
10:04 actual
'Trustee' operation to HDP: 418 people detained
09:34 actual
Police raid on metropolitan municipalities: Gates broken, barriers re-placed
09:17 actual
Diyarbakır, Van and Mardin Metropolitan Municipal Co-Mayors dismissed
16:30 actual
Reason of ban in Hakkari: Anniversaries of TKEP / L, MLCP and MKP
11:47 actual
Criminal complaint against torture in Osmaniye Prison
11:45 actual
Police operations against HDP continue in Mardin and Şırnak
11:42 actual
Identified body stays in morgue for 28 days saying the prosecutor's on leave
11:15 actual
25 taken under custody in Urfa
11:14 actual
75-year-old sick prisoner Ahmet Silik no longer recognizes his family
10:55 actual
HDP deputies continue their tour in Argentina
10:54 actual
Hasankeyf on Swedish and Finnish media