12:49 actual
Tea and breakfast ban for the bar heads
12:48 actual
Bar heads sit up all night under police blockade
12:36 actual
Letter from Leyla Güven to the European Leaders
11:57 actual
Lawyers for Freedom: Meet the demands of Ünsal and Timtik
19:54 actual
'Those responsible for the Sivas massacre must be brought to justice'
18:38 actual
27th year of Sivas massacre: This year is dedicated to Dr. Behçet Aysan
17:30 actual
Two Kurdish activists sentenced to more than 10 years of prison
16:36 editor's pick
Lawyers apply to visit Imralı Prison
16:36 editor's pick
The hearing of journalist Altan postponed
13:51 actual
Journalist Akın is acquitted
10:51 actual
Dr. Sağlam warned: Nothing is normal, pandemic is not over
16:25 actual
Journalist Zam sentenced to death in Iran
16:24 actual
Thousands of lawyers calls from İstanbul Courthouse: Withdraw the law proposal
16:23 actual
Samsun Bar President resigns to protest the multiple bar system
15:25 actual
Bill to ‘split bar associations’ in three cities submitted to Parliamentary Speaker’s Office
15:21 actual
5 detained in Maraş
15:21 actual
Buldan: The operation against DTK shows the point hostility towards the Kurds reached
15:20 actual
5 summaries of proceedings submitted to the parliament
13:24 actual
'Defense rally' of the lawyers kicks off
13:24 actual
TÜİK: Exports decreased by 40 percent, imports decreased by 27.8 percent
11:31 actual
Attorneys applied to visit İmralı
11:31 actual
10 detained in Diyarbakır over molotov attack against AKP building
11:30 actual
She became a lawyer against injustice: Let them be heard!
09:24 actual
Police stopped İzmir Bar Association's march
09:22 actual
AKP bill to decentralize bar associations set to be submitted to Parliament on June 30
09:21 actual
Chief Public Prosecutor calls Leyla Güven to give a statement
09:21 actual
ÖHD: Lawyers are obliged to document the torture
09:20 actual
Family of Medeni Yıldırım says his grave was vandalized
09:19 actual
DTK investigation: Peace Mother Makbule Özbek and 22 people arrested
09:19 actual
Covid- 19 deaths increases to 5 thousand 515
14:01 actual
Newspaper advertisement from 78 bar associations: Fight against tyranny
12:46 actual
Investigation launched against our reporter Eser
11:16 actual
Boat carrying refugees sank in Ayvalık
11:16 actual
HDP: The burial places of Sheikh Said and his friends should be disclosed
10:09 actual
Attack on the stock exchange building in Pakistan
09:53 actual
Buluttekin: We are on trial for files created for revenge
09:52 actual
8 people arrested in DTK investigation
09:51 actual
HDP: They are trying to acquit the killer of Medeni Yıldırım
09:51 actual
Case numbers increases to 197 thousand 239
21:07 actual
Ayşe Kara is charged with journalism!
21:01 actual
HDP: Governor's Office protects the perpetrators of torture
20:25 actual
Request of arrest for 14 activists in DTK investigation
20:08 actual
Defense of 'gradual' torture from the Governor of Diyarbakır!
19:24 actual
444 weeks after Roboski Massacre: Impunity on every corner
18:04 actual
11 rights organizations: Investigate those who tortured Rojbin Çetin
17:12 actual
Aşitî: Attacks of Turkey target the unity of the Kurds
16:56 actual
Last farewell to Kurdish politican Tekin died from COVID-19
16:29 actual
16 detained activists referred to court
16:15 actual
Prisoner diagnosed with coronavirus, his wife called out: He is left to die
14:24 actual
Conflict in Haftanin: A soldier lost his life