15:48 editor's pick
Police operation in Lice, scores detained
15:47 actual
'The lifting of the isolation is the people's demand'
13:07 editor's pick
Ill prisoner summoned for statement
13:07 actual
HDP pays tribute to journalist Hrant Dink on 14th anniversary of his murder
13:05 actual
Defenders of peace against war, life against death
13:04 actual
Humanitarian tragedy in Efrîn for the last 3 years
09:32 actual
Hunger strike action in prisons enters day 54
16:47 actual
Military operation continues in Lice: 8 people arrested
15:25 actual
Appeal against Melek İpek's imprisonment rejected by court
13:45 actual
Attorney of Demirtaş: Is the prosecutor preparing to sue Erdoğan?
13:44 actual
Petition for jailed mayor of Amed Mızraklı
13:42 actual
Universities today: Academic robes under police boots, university gates locked with handcuffs
11:39 actual
Hunger strike action in prison enters day 53
11:37 actual
5 arrested as a result of operation against the ESP
11:37 actual
'Kurdish education' campaign to be launched on International Mother Language Day
11:36 actual
Hrant Dink commemorated by his friends: He was a teller of truth
17:11 politics
Yüksekdağ: Kobané case will not be closed like this
11:08 actual
Application of citizen dismissed with law decree denied on grounds that there is a law suit against his brother
11:07 actual
Chomsky: Rojava Revolution is a miracle, the world has to see this
09:50 actual
11th group takes over the hunger strike in prisons
15:32 actual
Journalists: We will continue to write
11:50 actual
Hunger strike action in prisons enters day 50
11:49 actual
Name Öztürk: Women are punished for surviving
15:02 actual
Diyarbakır Bar former Head Aktar sentenced to 6 years 3 months in prison
13:30 actual
ESP and ETHA's door locks broken, computer and money confiscated
13:30 actual
'Prisoners are taken hostage with the new execution law'
12:02 actual
Rape victim's sister: How is this justice?
12:01 actual
Hunger strike in prisons enters day 49
12:01 actual
Child in custody forced to sing the Turkish National Anthem all day long
10:39 actual
A lawsuit was filed against our Agency's Editor in Chief
10:32 actual
Prisoners on hunger strike battered
09:51 actual
Police crackdown on ESP: 48 members detained
16:45 actual
5 detained as in Boğaziçi protests in Ankara
16:44 actual
TJA: Meet the demands of the prisoners
16:44 actual
Investigation launched against DFG Co-chair Müftüoğlu
15:20 actual
Summary against Gergerlioğlu for abolition of parliamentary immunity for exposing mother with baby in prison
15:19 actual
2,427 workers died in 2020 in work-related accidents
15:19 actual
Another summary against HDP MPs for Kobané protests
13:18 actual
30 political prisoners caught coronavirus in Karabük Prison
13:14 actual
Villages in Lice unde heavy military blockade
13:05 actual
Law suit filed against journalist Alphan for Newrox photo
11:47 actual
Hunger striker Karakoyun from Greece: The goal is the freedom of Öcalan
09:47 actual
Hunger strike in prisons enters day 48
16:31 politics
Suruç Massacre bomber caught in Urfa
13:25 actual
Osman Şiban released from custody
13:24 actual
1 pregnant woman, 2 old women still detained in Mardin
11:57 actual
Prisoner accused of speaking in codes for speaking Kurdish with his mother
11:56 actual
TJA Spokesperson: Kurdish women are confident they will establish the national unity
10:31 actual
Osman Şiban was taken into custody!
10:30 actual
Curfew in 10 villages of Bitlis