Karamus: Turkey-KDP relationship is based on anti-Kurdism

IZMIR - KNK Co-chair Ahmet Karamus said that there is a strategic relationship between Turkey and KDP against Kurd gains and said: "If the freedom movement is liquidated, no Kurd will have a future."
Continuing the attacks launched on Zap, Metina and Avaşin regions of the Federated Kurdistan Region on April 17, 2022, Turkey continues its quest to expand its war concept. AKP ministers shuttling between Hewlêr and Baghdad increased the traffic of meetings with attack agendas. Just in the last month, National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Director Ibrahim Kalın, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hakan Fidan, Minister of Defense Yaşar Güler and Chief of General Staff General Metin Gürak held many meetings with the Baghdad and Hewlêr governments. Following this meeting traffic, on February 20, forces allegedly affiliated with the Iraqi Border Guard, but turned out to be affiliated with the KDP, were deployed to the Serzêrê village of Dûhok's Kanî Masê town. It was also interpreted as the forces deployed by the Democratic Kurdistan Party (KDP) in the region as preparations for a new attack.
Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Co-Chair Ahmet Karamus evaluated Ankara's war-oriented diplomacy traffic between Hewlêr and Baghdad and its reflections on the region. Stating that Turkey's main goal is the liquidation of the PKK, Karamus said that this plan is carried out together with the KDP. Stating that there is a strategic relationship between Turkey and KDP against Kurd gains, Karamus said: “KDP has a goal of liquidating the PKK in the regions under its control and bringing it completely under Turkey's control. Their calculation is to create a corridor between Qendîl, where the PKK is located, Shengal and Rojava. It was aimed to reach an agreement through Turkey's negotiations with Iraq and KDP. Why did the Turkish government meet with Iraq and Hewler? Because at the Astana meeting, Turkey, Iran, Russia and the Assad regime reached an agreement. In the agreement here, it seems that they do not want Kurd existence and status anywhere. There were intergovernmental negotiations with an agreement in this direction. All their efforts are to liquidate the Kurdish Freedom Movement in Southern Kurdistan, Shengal and Rojava."
Referring to the deployment of Zerevani, Gulan and different forces affiliated with the KDP to the border line, Karamus said, “Turkey could not achieve what it wanted in its attacks. For this reason, İT wants to include the Iraqi government in this process. Until now, KDP could not provide actual support due to public reactions. But now KDP is joining the war that Turkey wants, under the name of Iraqi forces."
Pointing out that KDP forces were dressed in Iraqi military uniforms and deported to the borders where wars and conflicts took place, Karamus said: "Turkey placed Peshmerga in places where it could not hold on and show reflexes against the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Because Turkey became unable to move in the region. The Kurdish Freedom Movement has a sensitivity. This is also the case. Peshmerga or Kurdish forces in Southern Kurdistan do not experience a conflict. For this reason, KDP's peshmerga, under the name of Iraqi Border Protection Forces, were placed on the borders under the uniform and flag of Iraqi forces. The main purpose here is to create a conflict between Kurd forces."
Warning against dirty plans made under the name of the Iraqi government, Karamus said: “No matter what name, flag or dress they use, these forces enable Turkey to invade Southern Kurdistan. This situation is the destruction of the gains that the Kurds have achieved through years of struggle. As KNK, our stance against this is clear. We have been persistently fighting for years to prevent a conflict between Kurds. Turkey wants to do in Bakur and Bashur what it did in Afrin. KDP must know this very well; If the Freedom Movement in Rojava and Bashur is liquidated, no Kurd will have a future. KDP needs to see this. We need to come side by side now."
Stating that the people of Federated Kurdistan, political parties, academics, artists and opinion leaders are against the policies carried out, Karamus said: "The Kurdish National Congress must be established against the attacks. Our existence and identity must be accepted. We will continue our work to ensure Kurd unity."
MA / Delal Akyüz

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