Demirtaş: A structure organized in government acting to realize their agenda

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  • 12:24 6 August 2020
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ANKARA - HDP former Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş commenting on the political developments in Turkey from prison said: "A secret structure organized inside of the government is acting to realize their agende step by step. This structure is organized both in politics and legal system.

HDP former Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş have sent a message from Edirne Type F Closed Prison. His message was shared from his twitter account.
Demirtaş's message is as follows: 
"* Hello. I am trying to follow up on the developments with limited opportunities. We have to make clear what is happening in Turkey. For sometimes, we are witnessing that the constitutional system is being changed and replaced with an authoritorian, monist regime.And this is not done through open political methods alone.
*  While this is being done, public power is used illegally and foratically. A secretly organized structure within the state realizes its agenda step by step through planned operations. This secret is organized in politics, legal system, economy, bureaucracy and media.
* The operation against us was carried out and is being carried out in order to build an authoritarian and monist regime. We have strong legal documents and evidence about those who took part in the political conspiracy against us.
* At the center of the operations carried out against the opposition groups outside of us, there is also this same structure.
* My advice is that no one should take further role in these conspiracies. Because one day the people will make a decision and the law will work.  The evidences to be put forward will initiate effective legal processes in an undisputed way.
* All 83 million of us should unite and believe in each other. We will get through this together and rescue Turkey from this mass. Together, we will establish a strong democracy and live in peace. Never lose your resistance, hope, courage. Goodness will definately win!

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