Femicide: 8 women murdered in 1 day

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  • 15:43 28 February 2024
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NEWS CENTER - 8 women were murdered by men in the last 24 hours. KCDP called for action to all women.
While women are preparing for March 8, International Women's Day, news of femicide continues to come from many places. In the last 24 hours, a total of 8 women were murdered by the men closest to them in Izmir, Bursa, Sakarya, Êrzirom, Denizli, Semsûr and Istanbul.
The names of the murdered women are as follows;
"*In Pendik, Istanbul, Sevilay Karlı was murdered with a cutting tool by Umit Karlı, whom she divorced 5 months ago. The perpetrator was taken into custody.
*In Akyazı district of Sakarya, Ali Rıza Aslan murdered Hatun Ekrem Aslan, with whom she was in the process of divorce, by shooting her with a firearm.
*Emine Ulkü Araz was murdered by the man she was married to in Çekmeköy, Istanbul.
*In Izmir, Ozlem Çankaya was murdered by the man she was estranged from.
*In Bursa, Murat Demir murdered Tuba Ateşci, whom she divorced last year, with a firearm.
*In Samsat district of Semsûr (Adıyaman), Kasım A. murdered Tuğba A., to whom she was married, her relatives Abidin A. and 9-year-old Mustafa A., by shooting them with a firearm.
*Nasim Gol Karimi from Afghanistan, living in Denizli, was murdered by Mohammed Esmail Habibi, to whom she was married. The perpetrator is detained.
*Elif Saydam, who was shot with a firearm by Şafak Saydam, who escaped from prison in Êrzirom (on February 19), died 9 days later."
The We Will Stop Femicide Platform called for action after the murder of 8 women in 24 hours. In the statement was said: "8 murders of women in one day are not a coincidence, they are the work of the government."
The statement continued with the following statements: "Sevilay Karlı and Tuba Ateşci were killed by the men they divorced, Hatun Aslan, Elif Saydam and Ozlem Çankaya were killed by the men they wanted to divorce, Emine Ulkü Araz and Nasim Gol Karimi were killed by the men they were married to, Dilan Ozdemir was killed by her father. These data are not a coincidence. Women are killed within the family, with the consequences of the 'sacred family'.
Those who ignore our solutions to stop femicide are also trying to ignore this news. The whole society sees that real data is not a coincidence. We will hold accountable the hundreds of women who were killed while struggling to live freely. We will end the era of public officials who do not do their duty, those who pursue misogynist policies and those who want to confine women within four walls. We invite you to our determined struggle. Come to Kadıköy Süreyya Opera on March 3 at 15:00 pm."