Günay: Kurdish unity is of vital importance

ANKARA - Stating that the attacks on Federal Kurdistan Region are a response to the national unity in Rajava, HDP Spokesperson Ebru Günay said, "Here what they target to prevent is the the unity of the Kurdish people. It shows how vital and important it is to achieve the Kurdish union."
Peoples' Democratic Party Spokesperson Ebru Günay  made statements on the break of the Central Executive Committee (MYK) meeting, which has been held under the chairmanship of Co-chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar.
Emphasizing that the democracy program which has given the start by June 1 is a response to the stripping off the MP status of the HDP's parliamentarians, Günay said, "The response of the government to the demand for democracy was a new blow. This response increased our determination to fight as it incresed the demand for democracy and peace of the society. The support given to our march was a clear statement of this. The march, which we started on June 15, was given response by a decision of war. During the march, we saw that the war is the biggest problem of your country and that the peace is the biggest need of the people."
"The attacks on the Kurdish language are aimed at destroying the existence and the language of the Kurds. AKP has never given up on these attacks. Even during the negotiations with İmralı Island, they made no statement that assimilation would end and that the Kurds will be educated in school in their mother language. Up to now, no authority, including Erdoğan, made any attempts neither to recgonize the Kurdish identity in Turkey, nor to lift the aassimilation. This has become the credo of all political powers," said Günay stating that HDP condemns the ongoing attacks and rejects the war policies.
Calling for a joint struggle and adressing to the fact that these attacks on Federal Kurdistan Region are a response to the national unity in Rajava, Günay said, "They ty to sabotage and divide the Kurdish union by pitting Kurds against Kurds and this is continuation of an archaic policy.It shows how vital and important it is to achieve the Kurdish union. The Syrian civil war, which has entered its 10th year, caused a huge humanitarian and economic social cost in the meantime. The formation of the civil war and the development and transformation of the dynamics opened a new path for a comunal life and a joint struggle between the Kurds and the people of Rojava, which will determine the fate of the whole geography. Kurdish, Turkmen, Arab, Armenian, Syriac peoples gave the biggest answer with organizing their own troops against the countries that foster jihadist movements spreading like black plague in the region, such as ISIS and al-Qaeda and against the countries that encourage their attacks in Syria and Rojava by opening logistical areas."
Günay continued her statements as follows: "Journalists are arrested for their news on the MİT (Turkish National Intelligence Organization) members who died in Libya. Journalist Aydın Keser, Ferhat Çelik, Barış Pehlivan, Barış Terkoğlu, Hülya Kılınç, Murat Ağırel will be on trial for the first time on June 24. They have been imprisoned for 4 months. They have spent these four months in single cells under isolation. With the trials of these journalists the right of the public to hear news is put on trial. These journalists, who fulfill the requirements of their profession and share what the government hides from people and all journalists, who have been arrested for their journalistic activities should be released as soon as possible.
Bar associations also has begun their march to Ankara with the slogan of 'freedom to defense'. The AKP government gets prepared to target the bar associations and professional chambers with a new law, as it tries to re-design and block every opposition area. I would like to share with you that we greet the march of defense workers and bar associations, who participated in this march and that we stand in solidarity with them."