Hunger strike in prisons on its 95th day

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  • 12:45 29 February 2024
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NEWS CENTER - The hunger strike of political prisoners in prisons demanding the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan has reached its 95th day. 
The hunger strike launched by political prisoners in prisons, demanding the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan, who is held in absolute isolation in Imralı Type F High Security Closed Prison, and the solution to the Kurdish issue, has entered its 95th day.
To end the absolute isolation in Imralı and ensure the physical freedom of Ocalan, the "Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, solution to the Kurdish issue" campaign was launched internationally with simultaneous statements made in 74 centres around the world on October 10, 2023.
As part of the campaign, which is in its fourth month, political prisoners in prisons also started a hunger strike on November 27.
The prisoners, who previously stated that they would take their hunger strike actions to a new phase on February 15 if no steps were taken regarding their demands, postponed these decisions due to the local elections on March 31.
In the statement made by Deniz Kaya on February 12 on behalf of PKK and PAJK prisoners, the following was included: "Our rotating hunger strike action, which we started on November 27, 2023 in order to end the isolation imposed on our Leader, and which we announced to the public that we will move to a new phase on February 15. We would like to point out that we postponed it until the post-election period so that it does not hinder the election activities. We declare to the public that if the isolation on our Leader continues until after the election, we will take our action to the next level and continue until we get results."
Prisoners called on all democratic institutions to take responsibility to meet their demands.