Lawsuit against Yeni Yasam Editor in Chief Akin


İSTANBUL - A lawsuit was filed against Yeni Yasam newspaper’s Editor in Chief Osman Akin.

The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office Media Crimes Investigative Bureau prepared an indictment against Yeni Yasam newspaper’s Editor in Chief Osman Akin and it was accepted by the Istanbul Heavy Penal Court No.28.
The indictment cites news articles on the hunger strikes and alleges that they constitute “chain terrorist propaganda”.
The titles “100 days of resistance”, “They march for sunny days” and “Asrin Law Office spoke about PKK Leader Ocalan’s 20 years in Imrali” were considered criminal.
Editor in Chief Osman Akin will face trial on Friday at the Istanbul Heavy Penal Court No.28.

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