Call from 33 Bar Presidents: Keeping Ebru and Aytaç alive is a responsibility

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  • 10:55 12 August 2020
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ANKARA - 33 Bar Presidents made a call for lawyers Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal who are on death fast demanding a fair trial. The statement says: "It is a responsibility to keep Ebru and Aytaç alive for everyone who has a conscience" and the bar presidents demanded a fair trial.

33 bar association presidents made a joint written statement for lawyers Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal, who are on death fast with the demand for a fair trial.
The statement is as follows: "We all know that our colleagues Aytaç Ünsal and Ebru Timtik turned their hunger strike, which they started with the demand of a fair trial, to a death fast on April 5th Lawyers' Day ".  Despite the report of the Forensic Medicine Institude (ATK) stating that they are not fit to stay in prison, İstanbul 37th High Criminal Court decided that they were sent to a hospital by force. With this decision, our colleagues are now being held under worse conditions than prison in hospital wards called 'prison ward'. Today we know that Ebru and Aytaç are moving towards and irreversable situation. We know that what is in risk is not only their lives but the right to defense. Because the demand of our colleagues is the right to a fair trial, which is the need / right of all citizens. For this reason, it is justified and extremely simple to implement. Today, it is a responsibility to keep Ebru and Aytaç alive for everyone with a conscience. We, as the presidents of the bar associations, appeal to all officials with a sense of responsibility: they demand the right to a fair trial, the immediate release of Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal in accordance with the report of the Forensic Medicine Institute, and we assure that we will insist upon their release to reconsider this decision taken by our colleagues about their lives."
The names of the bar association presidents who signed the statement are as follows:
“Adana Bar Association President Veli Küçük, Ağrı Bar Association President Salih Aydın, Amasya Bar Association President Ahmet Melik Derindere, Ankara Bar Association President Erinç Sağkan, Antalya Bar Association President Polat Balkan, Artvin Bar Association President Ali Uğur Çağal, Aydın Bar Association President Gökhan Bozkurt, Balıkesir Bar Association President Erol Kayabay , Batman Bar Association President Abdülhamit Çakan, Bingöl Bar Association President Hanifi Budancamanak, Bolu Bar Association President Sabri Erhendekçi, Bursa Bar Association President Gürkan Altun, Denizli Bar Association President Müjdat İlhan, Diyarbakır Bar Association President Cihan Aydın, Düzce Bar Association President Azade Ay, Gaziantep Bar Association President Bektaş Şarklı, Hakkari Bar Association President Ergün Canan, Hatay Bar Association President Ekrem Dönmez, Istanbul Bar Association President Mehmet Durakoğlu, İzmir Bar Association President Özkan Yücel, Kocaeli Bar Association President Bahar Gültekin Candemir, Mardin Bar Association President İsmail Elik, Mersin Bar Association President Bilgin Yeşilbogaz, Muğla Bar Association President Cumhur Uzun, Muş Bar Association President Feridun Taş, Army Bar Association President Haluk Murat Poyraz, Siirt Bar Association President Nizam Dilek, Şanlıurfa Bar Association President Abdullah Öncel, Şırnak Bar Association President Nuşirevan Elçi, Tekirdağ Bar Association President Sedat Tekneci, Tunceli Bar Association President Kenan Çetin, Van Bar Association President Zülküf Uçar and Yalova Bar Association President Fedayi Doğruyol.

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