Journalist investigated for reporting a sexual assault

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  • 18:38 6 August 2020
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BATMAN -An investigation has been opened against a local news outlet for "provoking people to hatred and hostility" over three reports on the incident.

An investigation has been opened against the publisher of Jiyan Haber, İdris Yayla, for "provoking the public to hatred, hostility or degrading" over a report on a woman's rape by a military officer in the eastern province of Batman.

Specialist sergeant Musa O. was released from detention after allegedly raping İ.E. and driving her to suicide.

The Batman Chief Public Prosecutor's Office indicted Yayla for publishing news reports by the Mesopotamia Agency on the incidents. The articles were titled, "It has been revealed that a specialist sergeant raped and abducted a woman for 20 days!" "Specialist sergeant who raped a child in Batman detained," and "The young woman who was sexually assaulted in Batman allegedly committed suicide."

Yayla went to Batman Provincial Security Directorate to depose on Tuesday (August 4).

He said that he was asked why he published the news reports.

"They said, 'We know you published this report first.' As journalists, we would like to report this first but we were not the first to report this story. Mesopotamia Agency published the report first, then Jinnews did. We said that we took the report from them," he said.

"Apart from that, we published the statements of the Human Rights Association Batman Branch, Batman Bar Association and Siirt Bar Association. How can writing these be to incite people to hatred and enmity?

"For the first time, we were subjected to an official investigation. We are a new newspaper in Batman. Previously, our reporters on the field were both battered and detained ... We won't give up writing what we know is right.

"A young woman wanted to end her life, this needs to be announced. These should be written so that there is no impunity."

After being raped, İ.E. committed suicide. She is currently hospitalized and still in critical condition.

Musa O. was detained on July 17 after the rape was confirmed by witness statements and the Forensic Medicine Institution report but then released upon judicial control measures.

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