Buried in the same grave: Father died in massacre, son died in airstrike


İSTANBUL - Yusuf Şeker, who lost his life in the airstrike in Dersim, was buried in the same grave with his father İsmet Şeker, who had died in the Suruç Massacre.

Yusuf Şeker, a member of HPG (Peoples' Defence Forces) who lost his life in the airstrikes in Dersim, was bid farewell in İstanbul. Before the funeral, the police blockaded Gazi Djemevi. Nobody was taken in the djemevi building, except Şeker's family and relatives.

Politicians from Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP) and many other activists who wanted to pay their final respects to Yusuf Şeker were prevented from entering the djemevi as well. After a quarrel with the police, representatives of the political parties and non-governmental organizations attended the funeral ceremony despite all the obstacles.


After the religious ceremony in the djemevi, Yusuf Şeker was taken to the Gazi Cemetery. Şeker was buried in the same grave with his father İsmet Şeker, who died in the Suruç Massacre back in 2015 when the small town of Suruç on the Turkish-Syrian border was rocked by a suicide bomb attack that took the lives of at least 32 people and injured almost 100 others. The attack was perpetrated by ISIS, targeted a group of young, left-wing activists who had come together from across Turkey to help with the reconstruction of Kobanê.


Speaking on the funeral Şehmuz Işık said, "Yusuf Şeker’s only wish was peace. However, the invading system has always killed Kurds. The best Kurd for the system is the dead Kurd, we will not accept this. As long as we exist, we will adhere to our martyrs till the last drop of blood and continue to walk with them."


HDP Provincial Co-Chair Erdal Avcı said on his speech, "Şeker family paid a great price in this struggle. We will embrace the legacy and the values this family has left us. We will protect the memories of our brother Yusuf, who sacrificed his life for the sake of his father and his brother."

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